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The newsletters in 2006 and 2007 are written for you by our honeymoon couples!

Some couples explain about their honeymoon in Tahiti , Moorea, Bora Bora, some about Santorini, Crete, Athens, Barcelona, Maui, Florence, Rome, Ravello, ...................................................!

In October of 2007 Christina from
California, wrote about their honeymoon in Hawaii ( the big island), at the Kona Village Resort!

In October of 2007 Rita and Erik wrote about their honeymoon in Santorini, Greece and the Sun Rocks Boutique Hotel for couples only!

In September of 2007 Debbie from
Texas, wrote about their Special Anniversary Vacation in Ravello, Amalfi coast, Italy and the Palazzo Sasso Resort!

In April of 2007 Deidra from
Chicago, wrote about their honeymoon in Bora Bora, Tahitian island and the Thalasso Intercontinental Resort!

In February of 2007 Sanj from
Chicago, wrote about their honeymoon in Moorea and Bora Bora , Tahitian islands!

In January of 2007 Emily, wrote about their honeymoon and their hotels in Santorini and Crete, Greece, during the winter!

Our son Ted, has also described about their Honeymoon in Crete, Greece, during high season July and August of 2004
You may read what he said by clicking at the button below this page.

Letters from couples who traveled in 2006 and 2007 through Personalized Travel Service and Personalized Honeymoons:

Rita and Erik Honeymoon September 2007 Santorini, Crete and Athens!

I am so, so sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. We have just been so busy with work and everything else since we got back! 
First, thanks again for all your help. We had an absolutely amazing honeymoon. The weather was perfect the entire time, warm and sunny, and we loved all of our destinations.
Sunrocks was an incredible hotel and I would absolutely recommend it/go back. The service was perfect, the waitstaff and hotel staff was so attentive and accomodating. Our room was beautiful, the setting was just perfect, and the food was great.
We ate in the private 4-table restaturant one night at Sunrocks and we had the place to ourselves for the whole dinner! It was like having a private chef and waiter for a night, cliffside. We had such a great time exploring Santorini too- we went to the black sand beaches, the Santos winery, dinner in Oia two nights- it was just an awesome experience.
Crete was beautiful too- it was very relaxing and great place to just unwind. Finally, we had a great time in Athens. We wandered around town, went to the Acropolis, and had an amazing dinner at the rooftop restaurant of the Grand Bretagne, overlooking the acropolis at night. It was very nice.
All of our travel went very smoothly- no problem at all with flights, transfers, etc- it all went like clockwork.
We even got a free upgrade to business class on British Airways on our flight to London when we told them it was our honeymoon!
Thanks for the photos Rita!

This is what Erik emailed during their honeymoon:
Thank you for the kind note, our first night here was incredible, the service at Sun Rocks is phenominal.  We'll talk soon.
Love Erik and Rita

Christina and Jason Honeymoon September 2007 Hawaii!

We loved the Kona Village Resort - it was tranquil, peaceful and the staff was so friendly. In most cases, we had the pool/Jacuzzi to ourselves. The food and ambiance was phenomenal.  Papayas, island fish, rack of lamb and Kona coffee, were great.  We tried the spa - great massage treatments.  The hales require no key for exit/entry - at first, we thought this was odd but it actually added to the relaxation and letting your guard down (there is a safe in the room).  We recommend the hales by the oceanfront as you could hear the waves crashing at night.  There were tiki torches at night. 
There is great snorkeling and wind surfing available-you will definitely see sea turtles.  We loved the sunset cruise - they supplied champagne, chocolate covered strawberries and appetizers.  There is a manta ray that shows up at night in the bay which is very interesting to see.  We recommend renting the car to visit the other part of the island -near Hilo, there are waterfalls and more of a tropical rain forest appearance.  It was a great honeymoon.  Thanks Kiki!  Love, Christina and Jason
Christina and Jason e-mailed unique photos! Thank you! I felt bad for them because their wedding planner disappeared and they lost so much money. Their reception in California was great because of the dedication and hard work of their friends who were able to plan everything for them in four days after their wedding planner's disappearance. I know event planners, wedding consultants and many other vendors in the wedding industry that I can trust enough to recommend. I do wish that I was asked by my two young friends.

Debbie and Douglas Special Anniversary August 2007 in Ravello, Italy!

I cannot tell you how much we enjoyed our stay at the Palazzo Sasso in Ravello. The Amalfi coast is so beautiful, and we had a view from our room that was breathtaking! The coastline and the mountains could be seen from our room, the lower terraces/pool area, the rooftop hot tubs and terrace and the outdoor exercise area. We enjoyed many relaxing, romantic hours by the pool sipping champaign and nibbling on treats. The bar and staff at the pool and on the terraces were so attentive and non-intrusive - we felt like royalty. In the evenings, after dinner and enjoying time on the terrace where there is a full service bar and musicians each night, we would retire to our room. We could leave the balcony door open and listen to the music and enjoy the view while having another lovely glass of wine!
During the day, you can venture down to the mideival village square to visit the ceramic factory and the many boutiques and shops, eat at lovely little outdoor cafes and just explore the beautiful, historic area. You arranged a private tour for us by car that took us down the entire area where we visited Amalfi , Praiani, Positano, and Sorrento. The sightseeing is fantastic.This was our 20th anniversary trip - and Kiki, you made it so special. I think the thing I like the most about this wonderful resort was the privacy and the care that all guests received. It was beautiful,  romantic and so personal - far beyond our expectations. I think I am now destined to be disappointed wherever I go,  for I will always compare every place with the Palazzo Sasso and the Amalfi coast. I highly recommend this for any couple wanting to relax and enjoy each other.
Debbie sent us(e-mailed) photos of the scenery from their hotel Palazzo Sasso taken by them! Ravello, Italy - It's such a scenic place and not very far from the world famous island of Capri ! Thanks Debbie!
Some of our couples returned from Bora Bora, Hawaii and Santorini this summer of 2007 but I have no time to copy and paste all. I will try to copy and paste one or two in October of 2007.

Deidra and Kevin Honeymoon April 2007 in Tahiti and Bora Bora!
I called them in Bora Bora and talked with Deidra.

We did have a wonderful time on the trip to Bora Bora.  It is absolutely beautiful and the Intercontinental (Thalasso Spa) was fantastic. Our overwater villa was huge - a full living room area and foyer space, with a separate bedroom, large bathroom and walk-in closet!  Plus, we had our private balcony with chaise lounges and tables and a private dock leading into the lagoon.  There was also an outdoor freshwater shower spray right on the dock, which was a nice touch. 
The villa was always kept immaculate by the housekeeping staff, and every night there was a turndown service with a treat! 
The hotel staff was very friendly and willing to accommodate to your needs.  The general manager made sure to speak with us several times during our visit to see how things were and even made recommendations for a boat trip to take!
We did use the services of the concierge - to make a dinner reservation at Bloody Mary's and to make a reservation for the boat trip that the general manager recommended.  The concierge staff was helpful and knowledgeable.  Overall, we had a wonderful time on our honeymoon!!  Your level of service provided to us was outstanding, as was the service we received throughout our trip.
Thank you so much for making our dream honeymoon a reality!!

Veena and Sanj Honeymoon February 2007 in Moorea and Bora Bora!
I called them in Moorea and talked with Veena but did not call them in Bora Bora

So sorry it took us so long to reply back...I have been working nights the last week. So the vacation was wonderful!!
Moorea: The Pearl Resort was very nice. They actually put us in an overwater bungalow facign the ocean which was really nice. The room was very comfortable. The staff catered to us...presented Veena some veggie options. The weather cooperated the whole week we were there fortunately. It rained overnight once in Morrea, other than that sunny and 85 degrees. We went to the Magic Mountain viewpoint, took some really nice pics. Went to a pizza place called Allo Pizza, you should suggest it to travelers. It was great pizza, especially after eating seafood for days, it was a nice change.
Bora Bora: Unbelievable!! The scenery is magestic. Every picture you take of the landscape could be turned into a postcard. Thalasso was the nicest resort we have ever stayed at. Our room was spectacular. So luxurious and the view from our deck and bedroom was beyond words. We received the breakfast, ate on our deck, felt like royalty. We went swimming with the sharks and stingrays...the stingrays were a lot of fun to play with. We each used the spa..though it was very- very expensive. We went to a very nice and quaint place called La Villa Mahana which was wonderful. Only 6 tables, the concierge at the Intercontinental Thalasso must have had a connection because there usually is a 1 month wait for a table.
Only problem was that we had a red eye flight back to LA and our flight from Bora Bora to Tahiti was at 7 pm. We had to pay for a late check out in order to stay in our room until that late flight...if we could have arranged that before hand or modified our flights so that the problem would not have occurred, that would have been nice. Thank you so much for your help and you can expect to hear from us the next time we need to get away.
Please note: Some couples check out early but use the facilities of the resort until the time when they have to be picked up for the airport and sometimes the manager at the resort will allow a couple to stay in their room 1-2 hours later at no extra cost if they have asked the day before. The flights on Air Tahiti Nui depart late night from Tahiti and arrive morning in LAX, the next day.
Emily and Jimmy Honeymoon December 2006 in Santorini, Elounda and other towns and cities in Crete!
Emily really needed to visit Santorini during her honeymoon, in the winter even
I talked with them twice in Greece and will copy and paste their news after they return
Emily and Jimmy will be celebrating the Chinese New Year in Chicago with their families in February of 2007.
Happy, Healthy and Peaceful Chinese New year to all!

Our honeymoon in Greece was a wonderful experience for us. It was our first time to visit Santorini, and Crete. In Santorini, we visited the famous city of OIA and saw the most beautiful sunset that we have ever seen and all the traditional unique buildings. It will be hard to forget those days and nights we spent there. However, we were shocked to see lots of wild dogs and cats on the streets in Santorini. The dogs were following us everywhere. But they were very friendly and if you like dogs such as me, then Santorini is a must visit island! Also we saw people using donkeys to transport goods between new construction sites. While walking on the stairs, I stood very close to these donkeys. That's another interesting thing that you'll never experience in Chicago. Lastly, I was a little bit disappointed to miss the exciting donkey ride because of the winter but I'll definitely go back to Santorini again! Dana Villas was the hotel we stayed in Santorini. The Villas are located on the hill with awesome ocean views. The VIP room we stayed in wasn't very luxurious to us but the people of the villas were very nice and friendly. The other island we went to visit was Crete. It was a complete different experience compared to Santorini. The most interesting experience in Crete was the driving style. In Crete there is only one lane for each direction on the highway. If a car wants to pass other cars, all you need to do is to accelerate your speed. At the same time it felt like two extra lanes were created from both directions. Honestly, I felt quite scared but my husband seems to enjoy their driving style a lot!! Another interesting thing we saw in Crete were olive trees. On our way to Sitia it was unbelievable to see so many olive trees all over the mountain. You could see people using some kind of a tool to collect the olive leaves. I have to say, it was quite an educational experience in Sitia. During our visit in Crete, we stayed at the Elounda Resort. People at the resort gave us a warm welcome by offering us some drinks at the reception desk once we arrived. After we finished checking in the hotel, they kindly let us know the dining hours. The room was pretty modern with an ocean view similar to the villa we stayed in Santorini. Next day the hotel surprised us with complimentary champagne and a made up room which we were overwhelmed! During our stay there, the people at the resort had been very helpful. For example, they helped us arrange a rental car and gave us a lot of useful information about where to go and what to visit. We were very satisfied with the hotel we stayed in Crete. Lastly, we'd like to thank Kiki, who planned our honeymoon trip for us. She provided excellent service when we first met her and she gave us a lot of information prior our trip to Greece. She even called us and kindly asked us if we had any problems or questions. Cheers, Emily
Emily sent us(e-mailed) photos of Santorini taken by them. It's such a scenic island in the winter even but almost all the hotels and most international restaurants are closed. She sent some photos of the most beautiful, unique sunrises we had never imagined existed anywhere, taken in Elounda and a few photos of the Parthenon of Athens with the two of them together! Thanks Emily!

Joel and Annie

Kiki arranged our two-week honeymoon in Bora Bora and Moorea, the first week of which we spent in Bora Bora at the Pearl Resort and the second week of which we spent in Moorea at the Pearl Resort.  Prior to our departure, Kiki carefully guided us through all of the activities and options for our honeymoon. We had any number of other concerns and issues to address prior to our wedding, but we were always comfortable with Kiki and were never worried about our honeymoon.
Once we arrived in Bora Bora and Moorea, we were even more pleased with Kiki's arrangements. On each island, our accomodations were wonderful, the views from our bungalows were spectacular and our activities were great fun. The islands were truly a honeymoon paradise that we'll remember forever.  When we did have a problem with scheduling any of our activities, we called Kiki and she immediately (within several hours) had resolved the situation entirely.  We were quite impressed by this given the time difference, and appreciated that, even over long distance, we could count on Kiki to make sure ourhoneymoon was worry-free. Our honeymoon was everything we hoped for, and we would recommend you to all of our friends!
Joel and Annie stayed at overwater bungalows in both islands! Thanks for the photos Annie,especially for the photos with the two of you looking so happy together in Moorea and Bora Bora!

Casey and Kirk 2006

Things are really good! I am so busy with work and school. We are still working on the photos. I will send them soon. Sorry.
Driving around Barcelona was okay, but I probably wouldn't do it again. It was very difficult to understand. There were so many different roads that led to the same place. It was hard to understand. Everything else was good. I really loved everything about our honeymoon. We had a spectacular time. Greece was beautiful. I would highly recommend the hotel in Santorini and all of the hotels for that matter.Thank you again for making it special. Casey
Casey and Kirk stayed at a boutique hotel (my favorite one) for couples only, in Santorini! Thanks for the most beautiful photos of summer in Santorini, Athens and Barcelona,Casey!

Louis and Manthy 2006
 Regarding our honeymoon. Overall, everything was terrific. The Moorea Pearl was perfect. We had some issues with mosquitos in the area of the private pool attached to the garden bungalow. Bora Bora was "to kati allo." I am really happy we chose to stay at the Thalasso-Intercontinental. It was fantastic!! Our bungalow - diamond - had perfect, unobstructed views of the mountain, was clean and overall just fabulous. Overall, we had a wonderful time - everything we ever wanted out of our honeymoon. Thank you!
The Thalasso Intercontinental opened in May of 2006. This resort in Bora Bora is all overwater villas!

Leena and Spas 2006

Well, here we are, back to the real world!  The trip was amazing, thank you so much for everything! My only regret was that we didn't stay longer!  It should have been at least 10 days!
I'm sorry we missed your calls! We were so busy running around during the day.  Everything was great!  We'll definitely go back to Maui again and stay longer. Thank you again for everything! It was the perfect relaxing getaway!  Best regards,  Leena and Spas

Manuela and Lupe 2006
I'm so sorry that it's taken so long for us to reply.  We've just been so busy with work and other post wedding matters.  Anyway, we liked Florence also.  We like Rome a little more only because it's a bigger city and we are city people.  However, the hotel in Florence was fantastic.  The room was very nice and the staff was very attentive.  The location of the hotel was in a good spot also.  The Baboli gardens were beautiful and huge.  The wine tour that we booked was a lot of fun.  Manuela liked the shopping in Florence.  The trip back was fine although we almost missed our flight out of Frankfort because of delays in Florence.  Otherwise, we had a very good time in Rome and Florence and Manuela and I both agree that one of these years we want to head back.  One of these days we'll send you some pictures.  Thank you for all your help.  Lupe
Manuela and Lupe stayed at the hotel Bernini Palace in Florence!

Howard and Dena 2006

Just a quick note to let you know what a great time we had.  Everything was fantastic and the service was top notch.  Thanks for your help in planning our trip.  I am working on putting some of the photos from our honeymoon and from this trip on a CD to send to you. Thanks again, Howard
Their honeymoon was in Elounda , Mykonos and Athens in 2005
! This shorter duration vacation was at one of the Sandals resorts for couples only , in the Caribbean!

Mari and Dan 2006

We had a wonderful time in Tahiti...we are so sorry that we stressed you out by missing our flight to LAX though! Yes, we thought the Tiki Village show was nice, however, it was raining that night so it was a bit cold. I'm sure if the weather was nicer it would have been a better time. Dinner at Bloody Mary's was lots of fun! Had a great time, but wish we could have stayed a bit longer. The bus picked us up at 9:00. The weather was excellent in Bora Bora. Moorea was a bit cloudy at times, but Bora Bora was just like a postcard. You did a FANTASTIC job coordinating everything. It was just wonderful. Mari .