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Our clients who returned from Greece and Italy this summer of 2008 wrote a letter of positive remarks.

One of our couples visited Argentina and other places in south America on the Star Princess, enjoying the scenery through their balcony.

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I write about families who returned from their family vacation in January of 2008

Happy Olympics in China! We will be watching and learning about this scenic area of the world too.

Photo taken by us, December of 2007 in Laguna Beach, California. An area that we have found to be, for us and our repeat clients, one of the Best Vacation destinations in the United States, for any time of the year.


We had families who spent a week at the Beaches Resort in Turks and Caicos, Beaches Negril, Jamaica and at the Breezes resort in Curacao. They all returned in January of 2008.

The families that stayed at the most Upscale Resorts in the Caribbean, Beaches, had nothing negative to report to me about their December /January vacations at the Beaches Resorts. Some had problems at airports because airlines changed aircrafts, using aircrafts of other airlines and the seats had to be assigned at the airport for them. Something that these travelers are not accustomed to. They prefer to check in through the internet instead of at the airport.
Our clients that were on Delta airlines, did not report anything negative except of a small problem in Atlanta with their connection that was taken care of promptly by the airline. They would use Delta again because their service was good this time and before!

Our clients who stayed at the Breazes Resort in Curacao, not only they complained about this resort but they also experienced big delays at the airports upon their return. The service at the restaurants was very bad, they said and they did not like the cleaning room service at all. They did like the unique island of Southern Caribbean, Curacao! Other families that have stayed at this resort some years ago , reported only positive results! Could it be that the resort is downsizing as many companies are doing the last year or so to stay in business ? You may click on the button below to read old newsletters written by me. In 2004 I had recommended this resort to a mother.