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November 2004
About our business/vacation trip to Tahiti and her Islands "French Polynesia"
This October, we visited Raiatea the Sacred island of Tahiti among other islands.
Our bungalow was on the water therefore although our terrace doors were closed at night,we could still hear the waves ! Raiatea is known to have waves and not calm beach areas.
This island is excellent for scuba divers and for people who love ancient history like us! The ancient name of this island is, Havai'i Nui. Next, we visited one of our most favorite resorts in French Polynesia. The Le Taha'a Private island and Spa Resort in Taha'a for half a day.
We finally arrived in Moorea. We extended our stay in Moorea so that we can stay longer there because this is a big island and we needed to visit and to stay at more resorts for the benefit of our clients and new customers. In Moorea, for families, we recommend the Intercontinental Resort!
We like the overwater bungalows at the Pearl Resort . We also like the service at this resort very much!
In Bora Bora, Arlene , my assistant, stayed at the Bora Bora Nui Resort.
She visited a few more resorts that we will not mention in our newsletter at this time.
Antoinette, our client, was in Bora Bora with her husband for their honeymoon, this October. She highly recommends the Hotel Bora Bora especially for the service! Please read our Tahiti page also for general information about this destination.

September 2004
About a mom and her son who returned from Curac,ao
A Caribbean island with Dutch architecture, near Aruba!

It was single parents week at the Breezes Resort for families, in the island of Curacao, therefore I advised my client friend to try this resort!
She did not want to fly more than 6 hours with her young son and we could not get nonstop flights.
They liked the meals, the kids clubs and everything else about their vacation, except of the connecting flights.
This resort is not upscale but we select this for families who prefer excellent service,good restaurants,excellent Kids Clubs and a beautiful tropical island with European flair.
If you would like to learn more about this resort for your winter or spring Family vacation,
please go to www.Superclubs.com and feel free to call us for your reservation.
We will be happy to check pricing through our main tour operators for your Family Vacation!

Our repeat client friends, Grace and Jim, are at the Fairmont Kea Lani in Maui for their honeymoon, after their exceptional wedding at the Sheraton in Kauai! I called the resorts to check ....................................................
They are enjoying their ocean view suite at the Fairmont too and will begin exploring our most favorite Hawaiian Island with their convertible.
Please note: There will be no newsletters for October, November and December of this year because we will be very busy reserving winter / spring Family Vacations, Honeymoons for 2005 and our Greece and other European Tours.
Meanwhile, we encourage you to read our newsletters from January 2004 - now.

August 2004

About Ted's and Lucy's stay at the Elounda Bay Palace Resort in Crete, Greece

Lucy and Ted enjoyed every minute of their carefree stay as they called it, at the Elounda Bay Palace in Crete in July and August of 2004.
"We liked the service at the Resort ,our room was ocean front with a balcony and the breaksfast that is included, was great every day! The sea is calm there because it is a Bay but the swimming pools were not too crowded either."
Crete is the most beautiful island Ted said a must see for every body. The people are very friendy and the scenery is something else!
We would like to stay at a bungalow with our private swimming pool but since the swimming pools were not so crowded we were fine with staying in an ocean front room.
They highly recommend the Elounda Bay Palace Resort in Crete for couples and singles as well as for families because they have two bedroom suites also!
Some of our clients are returning from their Vacations to Mexico, Hawaii and Jamaica this month.
I will try to find time to write about some of them between work and enjoying my two most favorite TV reporters Katie and Matt of NBC, reporting from Greece every morning. Otherwise I will write about these clients in September.
I listened to Katie this morning saying that it was hot but she did not mention that the climate in Greece is similar to most of California's climate "Hot But Not Humid." When we go to Greece in the summer we like to stay in our hotel room or under the shade by a cafe near the sea, from about 1:30 pm - 4pm when the heat is at it's highest. The humidity is so low that we just like to keep our windows open the blinds closed and the aircondition off.

July 2004
About the Honeymoon couple Carla and Michael who returned from Tahiti and Fiji in July of 2004
We have not talked yet because they are both very busy but the e-mail I received was somewhat informative.
Carla and Michael sent me the most beautiful photo of the two of them taken in Fiji!
They are both experienced travelers therefore they did not care about long flights and different time zones they had said to me.
They had fun and liked their resort stays.
In Fiji they recommend the Maravou Plantation resort where they stayed.
They liked the meals there, the friendliness of the staff and the activities.
" The activities were fantastic!" she wrote.
In addition to Tahiti and Fiji they also visited one more area of the world Ratotonga.
They would like to do this vacation again some time! "We would do it all over again in a heartbeat"

June 2004
About Rasheika's and Stefahn's Honeymoon in Oahu, Hawaii U S A
Rasheika's and Stefahn's wedding ceremony and reception aired on FOX News nationally!
We attended the reception at the Empress Banquet Hall in Addison IL.
We admired Darlene Hill of WFLD TV (FOX) at the reception as she worked very hard to produce a mini show about them!
Later in June, I will write about their exciting honeymoon offered to them by me.

Their Honeymoon News
Rasheika and Stefahn were so Happy in Oahu!
They said that their stay at The Sheraton Waikiki was great! They liked everything at the Resort!
They liked the sea there also! " We ordered room service!" She said happily.
Out of all the tours that I had reserved for them, their most favorite was the Polynesian Show with dinner.
They showed me their special photo taken on the Star Dinner Cruise that they liked as well!
She said, " I felt very sad when we did our Pearl Harbor Tour".
Delta per my request , upgraded them to first class and they were so excited!
It was the first time that they experienced First Class seating!
It was their first time that they stayed at such an upscale Resort as the Sheraton Waikiki!
I asked them what they did with their LEI that they both received when they arrived at the airport.
She said, "We had it in our bathroom all the time. It smelled nice. "
I said to them, "have you seen ours in the office? We dried both of ours."
She said " We did not know . We will dry ours the next time too!"
Rasheika and Stefahn would like to visit Greece and Tahiti too they say!
We will try to help them in the future somehow to fulfill these dreams too!
After all , they are now our new young friends who like to study , work hard
and do good to themselves and others just like we are!
Please note: We are not offering honeymoon vacations to couples for free. Resort companies do sometimes, because they have rooms to offer for promotional reasons. We made an exception this time for personal reasons.

April 2004

About Ancient Olympia, Greece and the Ancient Historic Olympic Games

When we visited and video taped in the summer of 2002 Olympia and Ancient Olympia, we were amazed to see all these Pillars of Ancient Temples that were built without the use of machines!
We walked on the Ancient Stadium from the entrance, all the way to the end and back!
I cannot describe the happiness we felt knowing that we were walking on the stadium where the 1st Olympic Games took place so many years ago.
We even went inside the Workshop of Pheidias(sculptor) where he created by hand the ivory and gold Statue of Zeus.
This Woskshop area was converted into an Early Christian Bacilica in the fifth century.
I will explain what one sees in addition to what I mentioned above, when one visits this Archaeological site.
The Gymnasium, the Heroon(Altar), the Thermae( Baths), the Exedra of Herodes Atticus, Bases of Statues of Zeus, the Temple of Hera (Heraion), the Temple of Zeus, the Leonidaion ( official guest house), the Base of Paionios Statue of Nike, and much more.
To visit this big Arhaeological site at a relaxed pace, one must allow one to two hours.
When we visited in June of 2002, there were many groups of people with tour guides but we also saw many young kids, teens and even a few tiny ones in their buggies, with their moms and dads.
Outside of the Archaeological site there were some carriages with horses and one donkey. I chose a donkey ride for me.
The Museum next to the Archaeological site was the one we visited but I understand that there are two additional museums there.

If you stay in this Scenic Town of Olympia for a few days or more you will be able to visit more places than we did including the Museum of the Olympic Games!
There are Hotels and Resorts in the town of Olympia and the surrounding areas some with swimming pools.
We have decided that when we go again we will stay one week instead of one day so that we can enjoy our vacation near this Amazing Archaeological Site and the Museums.

About the Ancient Olympic Games
The first Olympiad of the Games was held in 776 BC, which year also marks the beginning of historical times for Greek Antiquity.
The games were held every fifth year and lasted five days. The intervening four year period was called an Olympiad.
It is known that they took place during the full-moon which fluctuated between the last week in July and the 1st half of August.
Although the Olympic Games were very significant for the Ancient Greeks, the Games were discontinued for many years.
In 1896 the institution of the Olympic Games was revived by Mr. Baron de Coubertin with the support of Mr. Demetrios Vikelas.