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March 2004
Ted and his companion returned from Sint Maarten/St. Martin!

Ted, talked to me with excitement about their vacation! They stayed in an ocean view suite this time.
They like the Beach area here and they like to experience the island.
A wave took his reading glasses and some of their clothes and this made their vacation a little different this time.
He was mentioning this as if it was fun!

My client friend Dina (Costantina) & her husband just returned from their Sandals vacation to St. Lucia!
Today, she talked to me with excitement about their stay at the Sandals Regency St. Lucia Golf Resort & Spa!
She wished that they had stayed two more nights at least.
The service of the staff was superb, and the restaurants, the meals , their ocean view room everything was great she said!
She thanked me for recommending to her to spend their winter vacation here.

Our Repeat clients Lori and Timothy just returned from Jamaica!
Timothy, likes to play golf during their vacation , so I chose the Breezes Runaway Bay Super Clubs Resort for them because the Golf course is on property and because my husband Dennis and I stayed here once and we liked their meals, entertainment and more!
Lori asked me after they returned: " When should we reserve our next vacation at Breezes Runaway Bay for next year?"
They like to fly with air Jamaica !

Birgit my friend from Germany who came to the U S since she was a child, asked me where to go because she was debating between two islands of the Caribbean!
She and her husband with their friends from Japan who live here also, just returned from St. Lucia!
She said, that next time they should go for two weeks instead of 7 nights.
I knew this would be short for them but I do not tell clients to stay longer if they only have one week for their vacation.
She liked the cruise tour to the Pitons and the walk up valcano and she liked meeting and taking pictures of the locals she said among all the other things that she liked.
This summer Birgit and her husband with family and friends will be celebrating something exceptional in Cancun Mexico!
They as I, like to stay in the Riviera Maya area near Cancun!

My friend and client of many years Grace and her HUSBAND TO BE
Jim, will be getting married this summer in Kauai where her Grand Mother lives! They will be spending their honeymoon in Maui!
I am very busy preparing the reservations for her friends and family until March 15, 2004.
I manage to take care more reservations for my other repeat clients and their friends and families during this very busy period.
Starting March 16, 2004 I will start answering Your e-mail requests for Your vacations!
Thank you for your patience!

My April newsletter will be all about my Birth Place Greece! It is exciting for me, our two sons born in Chicago and my husbandwhose Grand Parents came to the U.S from Northern European Countries, that the Olympic Games will finally be hosted in 2004 in THEIR BIRTH PLACE (776 B.C) Greece!
Let's not forget also that it was Mr.Baron de Coubertin of France with the support of Mr. Demetrios Vikelas who revived the Olympic Games in 1896!

February 2004
Happy Sweetheart Day (Valentine's Day)!

This month I will write only about Honeymoon couples!

Our son Dean who lives in Greece and Anastasia spent their honeymoon in 2003 at a Club Med Village (Resort) in Greece, and three weeks in Santa Barbara, New York and his Birth Place Chicago!

Anastasia fell in love with Chicago! I will not talk much about their feelings in New York because they visited ............places of sadness...................

Glenda And Carlyle from California spent their honeymoon in 2003 in Bora Bora and Moorea!
They returned excited! They liked their stay at an overwater bungalow, the hotels I chose for them , the meals at the restaurants , the islands and everything else about their honeymoon in Tahiti, they said!

Tina and Rick from Illinois, spent their honeymoon in 2003 at the Sandals Regency in St. Lucia!
They returned excited! They liked the resort, their suite with their own private pool right by the sea, the meals , the activities at the resort and they fell in love with this island, they said!

Cindy and Bill (Vasilis) from Illinois, spent their honeymoon in 2003 in Maui!
They called me from their Resort to thank me because they were excited!
They liked the island and their stay at the Fairmont KEA LANI!
They did not mention anything negative about their honeymoon when they returned! Since I had rented a convertible car for them, they went to many areas in Maui and they liked everything about the island!

This year 2004, Carla and Michael will be going to Tahiti , Fiji and the Cook islands for their honeymoon!
Some couples have more time than other couples to spend for their honeymoon vacation!
Emily and David will be spending their honeymoon at the Sandals Regency St. Lucia where we had renewed our vows at!
Tammy and Richard will be spending their honeymoon at the Sandals Royal Bahamian in the Bahamas!
Rasheika and Stefahn at one of the Starwood resors in Hawaii! At the same resort that we stayed at in 2003!
Jessica and Nathaniel at the Paladium Grand resort in Mexico!
Haaija and Saad in Hawaii at one of the resorts that we stayed at in 2003!
Antoinette and James in Tahiti! We have not decided yet if we will do Bora Bora and Huahine or Bora Bora and Raiatea the small sacred island in Tahiti or Moorea or....................
Our young friends Grace and Jim in Maui and Kauai!
Lucy and Ted (our other son) who got married in 2003, will have two honeymoon vacations this year!
One in St. Lucia and one in Greece! They were taking a cruise to the Hawaiian Islands in December so that they would visit all the islands during their Honeymoon vacation and the cruiseline canceled that voyage at the last minute.
They will be going to Hawaii and Tahiti for their Anniversary!

January 2004
This month I talked with Aviva who spent her holidays with her husband in Maui and in Honolulu for the first time.
She expressed her gratitude to me for preparing everything for their Vacation.
She was so excited as she was sharing her news with me.
She fell in love with Maui and highly recommends Lahaina because she likes to go to many
Art Galeries, shops and restaurants.
They enjoyed their Whale watch cruise and the Luau at the Hyatt!
They really liked the detailed work that I did with their tours in Honolulu too!
The Polynesian Cultural center was their most favorite tour in Oahu!
The Resorts? Well , my clients always love to stay at resorts I suggest and they return very
satisfied! The resorts are carefully selected for each of my clients .
I can't wait to see the photos she will send.

I have not talked yet with other clients who spent their holidays in Antiqua, Ixtapa,
Jamaica ...................... As soon as I talk with more of my dear client friends I will add more news.

I Kiki (Vasiliki), my husband Dennis, Ted and Dean our sons and my two assistants wish to
all who will read our January newsletter a Healthy, Peaceful and Prosperous 2004!

Today Saturday January 10, I talked with Amani who spent the holidays with her sister Manal, their husbands and their children, in Antigua!
She was happy to inform me that their flight with Air Jamaica was great!
Their Vacation at the Grand Pineapple Beach by Occidental was fun and the beach at the resort was great!
They would like more activities for the kids , other than that, they loved their ocean front rooms, the meals
and the restaurants at the resort that I had chosen for them.
We did not talk a lot because she is a busy mom of three!
Every year I send them to a different island during the holidays. Somewhere tropical!
We often choose the island or country together but sometimes they know exactly where they want to go.

I will not write any more news for January of 2004 although there are more clients who I have not talked with yet.

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