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Letters from some of the honeymoon couples  who traveled through us in 2009 
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To answer your questions:

1. We were very happy at the Blue Palace Resort. The service was phenomenal and we would recommend the resort to any couple who wants to relax and be pampered a little. The "Ultimate Guest Services" desk took care of all of our travel arrangements for us for any day trips etc. we wanted to do. We also LOVED our private pool and were happy we had the junior suite. We had both a private sun deck and a grassy tanning area. We went swimming in our pool every day. Another of our favorite parts was sitting on the couches overlooking the sea and enjoying a bottle of wine watching the sunset! Amazing!

2. We were a little tired when we arrived in Crete, just from all the traveling. We had dinner at the resort and rested up.

3. We had several favorite things about the island, I don't think we can pick just one. The scenery was amazing and the beach/sea was very relaxing. We also enjoyed a drive down the " old Road", hiking around Spinalonga, going to Knossos, horseback riding on the beach, and just walking around the towns.

4. We were very happy with our honeymoon. We had so much fun and it was a great mix of romance, adventure, and relaxation for us. I don't think there was much we didn't like. The flight from Athens to Atlanta was long, especially since we stayed up the whole time to try to avoid jet lag as much as possible. Anyway, the travel was tiring but that is to be expected. We would definitely love to go back and see more of the islands.

Thank you for helping us plan such a special trip. We loved it and had a beautiful wedding day as well!

Have a great day!

Sarah & Patrick


Thanks for following up. The honeymoon was absolutely wonderful! I am so happy we chose to go to Hawaii. The thing I liked the most was the gorgeous views and all the fun activities to do (biking down the volcano, the luau, surfing, snorkeling, etc). I don't think that there was anything that I didn't like! There was only one issue with the airlines--the flight between islands. Apparently they were behind schedule so they were putting everyone on different flights to get back on schedule and we ended up stopping for awhile in Oahu or something, so it took some extra time, but overall was not a big deal. Our flights to and from the islands were fine. We would love to go back in the future, especially to Kauai since we didn't get as much time there. Also when we were in Kauai, I stepped on a sea urchin (black spikey thing that is attached to rocks) so I was unable to do all the activities, like hiking, that we had planned to do, since my foot was quite painful! But we were still able to see and do some great stuff, like driving along Waimea canyon, and going on a sunset dinner cruise to see the Napali Coast.

Thanks for all your help in setting everything up. We had a wonderful honeymoon!



Thank you for all your help.

We definitely loved Santorini. The brothers at the Altana were the greatest. We would highly recommend their hotel to anyone. I think we liked Santorini more because it was less commercialized than Crete.

We did get a car for a day in Crete and found some small fishing villages. The Porto Elounda was nince too but a big difference from the Altana. I think we like the smaller bed and breakfast type places better but it was nice to lay on the beach and relax. The only problem we had was the transfer was late in Crete because the hotel told them we already arrived. We called and they were there in 5 minutes.

All in all, we loved Greece and can't wait to go back. Too bad it is such a long flight. It was a great trip and we're sad that we are back at work now.

Thank you,



Dear Jennifer and George

Welcome back!

How were the flights on Air Tahiti Nui? The flights on Air Tahiti Nui were very comfortable. The offered many things to keep you entertained and the service was good. There was a small delay on the flight home due to inclimate weather, however, we still made it to our destination on time.

How did you like the Manava suite Resort in Tahiti? The Manava was beautiful. The decor was very modern and contemporary. The service and food was great and the hotel had a beautiful infinity pool.

Did you enjoy the tour in Tahiti? Yes, we had a great tour guide who was very knowledgeable and friendly. The waterfalls were just breathtaking!

Was your stay at the Moorea Pearle resort very satisfactory? What did you like best at this resort? I would rate the Pearl only as satisfactory. The rooms were nice but the level of customer service was not what one would expect from a pricey upscale hotel. The over water bungalows were amazing and the food in the restaurant was always very delicious.

What did you like best during your honeymoon? Staying in the over water bungalow and enjoying the beauty and serenity

Was there something you did not like? Only that the weather was not the greatest! Although it was still an experience of a lifetime that we enjoyed immensely!

Would you go back to Moorea and why? ABSOLUTELY, we loved everything about it. It's beauty, serenity, friendliness,etc...

Can you explain about the show at the Tiki Village Theater? The Tiki Village Theater was very nice. We enjoyed learning about the Tahitian culture and the show was very entertaining. The food was not very good, but the dancers made up for that!